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Keeping in step with the industry development pace, BYOSOFT has been cooperating closely with the eco-systems to adopt the latest standards and technologies to provide customers with excellent and comprehensive firmware products. To help customers enhance their development efficiency, shorten product development cycles, and accelerate the time to market, make more personalized and competitive products, BYOSOFT also offers specially customized tools for customers.


  • ByoCoreTM BIOS(UEFI EDK II), as the company’s flagship product, is widely used in servers, desktops, laptops, tablet PCs, industrial control and communication products due to its stability, compatibility, modularity and scalability and supports of both X86 platforms (Intel®, AMD among others) and non-X86 platforms (ARM and the like).
  • Specially for IoT and embedded market, for which, SIMPLE, FAST and DETERMINATE are the distinguishing characteristics, we follow Intel's roadmap and provide open source firmware solutions based on Intel® BLDK (Boot Loader Development Kit) and FSP (Firmware Support Package) respectively.
  • To satisfy the demand coming from mobile devices, such as laptops and tablet PCs, Byosoft EC firmware products wholly support all sorts of mobile devices’ keyboard/mouse, power management, smart batteries, temperature monitoring etc.
  • The high-efficient management of servers is becoming increasingly urgent with the rapid development of internet of things (IOT), cloud computing, big data, and the growing demand for servers. Byosoft BMC firmware and the corresponding WebGUI are enabling remote management and diagnosis, smart management of servers. As a result, is greatly improving the management and operation of the servers. 
  • “Good tools are prerequisite to the successful execution of a job.” BYOSOFT is providing comprehensive and practical tools for customers to streamline the development and production process, including BIOS updating tool--ByoFlash, SMBIOS viewing and editing tool--ByoDMI, UEFI BIOS binary editing tool--ByoERE etc.


As the only BIOS company in China, BYOSOFT undertakes two major responsibilities at the same time, i.e. actively involving in the national key scientific research project and infrastructure software development, to provide Domestic-Independent platforms with a secure and stable UEFI BIOS solution.